Frequently asked questions

Thoughts and things alcoholics do that 'normal' people do not. The more of these you can check off, the more likely you need to seek help.
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    I sometimes wonder if I should cut down on my drinking.
    Please seek help.
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    I feel guilty or 'bad' when I think about how much I'm drinking.
    Please seek help.
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    When people criticize my drinking I get annoyed.
    Please seek help.
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    I have the occasional drink first thing in the morning to 'get the blood flowing.'
    Please seek help. Even if you live in a Mediterranean country.
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    I some times calculate the alcohol equivalency of different drinks.
    Seek help immediately even if you are a chemistry major.
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    I frequently can't remember the night before.
    If you're under 25 you should probably seek help. Any older than that please seek immediate help.
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    Do you keep tabs on how much you are drinking?
    If yes please seek help. If no why not. You're reading this page aren't you?
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    Do you panic drink if afraid you will run out of booze.
    If yes please seek help.

Glossary of Terms